What services will PRROWESS provide?

●  PRROWESS will be a comprehensive floating reproductive health clinic offering surgical

abortions up to 16 weeks and contraception including emergency contraception, on site

testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), STI treatment, and vaccination. In

addition, some social services will be available including social work and legal aid.

What areas will PRROWESS serve?

●  PRROWESS will operate in the Gulf of Mexico and will service patients who reside

primarily in Texas, Louisiana, and other states located on the Gulf Coast.

How will patients connect with PRROWESS?

●  More information will be available in the future on how to make appointments.

How often will clinical services be offered?

●  Our goal is to be operating in the Gulf of Mexico for approximately 3 weeks out of each

month, with flexibility built in depending on demand, weather conditions, and vessel


What is the vessel and is it safe?

  The vessel will be Coast Guard inspected and will have helicopter access for transport

and emergencies.

Is there demand for reproductive health services at a floating medical clinic?

  Our research indicates that patients are willing to seek care in a floating clinic, and these

types of facilities have been used by the military and relief organizations for years.

What if there is a medical emergency?

  First trimester abortion care is incredibly safe. Less than 1% of patients require

emergency care from an abortion-related complication. However, we have planned for

medical emergencies, and if needed, transport to land facilities will occur via water

shuttle or helicopter depending on the urgency.

Who will be providing care?

●  There will be a full team of licensed health care providers.

Who will be operating the ship?

  The vessel will be operated by an experienced captain and crew.

Where do I board the boat?

●  Once the pre-screening process has been completed, arrangements will be made to

transport patients to the vessel.

Why not just fly patients to states where abortion is legal?

  It is often very difficult and expensive for individuals who live close to the Gulf Coast to

easily access care in a short time frame, due to distance to the nearest clinics and the

need for connecting flights. Flying out-of-state often requires patients to secure child

care and time off work for multiple days, and may not be an option at all for people who

are undocumented. PRROWESS will offer easier and faster access to services for those


How much will this care cost?

  The goal is for care provided by PRROWESS to be offered at little to no cost to the

patient, depending on need.

What happens to the funds if the floating clinic does not come to fruition for some reason?

  If at any point along this journey it appears that the floating medical clinic will not be

successful, remaining funds will be distributed to other projects addressing access to


Is this legal?

  Yes. PRROWESS will operate in federal waters so its activities will not be restricted by

state laws.